Sarah Hartman-Caverly MS(LIS), MSIS

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She Read, She Said

Writing and presentation samples.

Version Control (2017)

Refereed book chapter.

Appears in The Self as Subject: Autoethnographic Research into Identity, Culture, and Academic Librarianship.

What is the best way to warn fellow librarians about the unintended consequences of poor patron data governance?  With a dystopian cyberpunk short story, naturally!  In this short speculative fiction piece (which began life as a traditional academic text), I examine the interconnected themes of technology, censorship, privacy, autonomy, and selfhood, and consider the library's place in the future academy.

Read Version Control (via Google Drive).

Our 'Special Obligation': Library Assessment, Learning Analytics, and Intellectual Freedom (2017)

Webinar recording.

Presented for Tri-state College Library Cooperative (TCLC)'s Educational Development committee.

ACRL's Value of Academic Libraries initiative, blended librarian expert Steve Bell and library assessment expert Megan Oakleaf promote the use of learning analytics for proving the library's contribution to institutional goals.  But when I read our professional code of ethics, I see intellectual freedom as the ultimate monkeywrench.  In this presentation, I consider emerging library assessment techniques in light of our ethical code, and seek a Third Way solution.

Watch Our 'Special Obligation' (via YouTube).