Sarah Hartman-Caverly MS(LIS), MSIS

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Thought Experiments

"A handful of people... will steer what a billion people are thinking today."

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Interesting insights from Silicon Valley developers on the implications of social media and smart technology for autonomy and intellectual freedom, including:

  • How the "attention economy" reengineers the Internet to manufacture consent
  • How lack of age diversity in product engineering roles contributed to the failure to consider the unintended consequences of design choices
  • How design choices reflect the 'habit-forming' intent of Silicon Valley
  • The role of user choice and agency - and how these are undermined by product design
  • How technology companies exploit users' social and psychological vulnerabilities
  • The implications of 'continuous partial attention' for our ability to think, reason, and make decisions with intent - and what this means for democratic self-governance
  • The human existential threat of attention control technology
Paul Lewis, "'Our minds can be hijacked': The tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia."  Read more via The Guardian.

There's no such thing as a self-driving car.

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Passengers of autonomous vehicles are not handing their transportation experience over to the capable armrests of an infallible machine — they’re handing it over to other people.

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Are human autonomy and machine autonomy compatible?

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The U.S. Department of Defense wants to know.

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