Sarah Hartman-Caverly MS(LIS), MSIS

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Librarian | Information ethicist | Permaculturalist

Students say

Colleagues say

You have a reputation of being an excellent and interesting speaker, and you did not disappoint. It’s tough to make APA citation an interesting topic, but somehow you did it. Unless you want to start out the presentation with lasers and fog, I really can’t think of anything you could improve.

Associate nursing degree student

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentations. I love the way you interact with the students with such genuine enthusiasm and knowledge. You are an inspiration!

Community college subject matter faculty

She always asks, ‘Are you ok?’ Sometimes I don’t need her help and she makes me feel confident after she leaves. Was very patient with me as I took notes on the information as a learning tool. When I didn’t understand she helped me to understand. She explained it in a different way.

Community college student

You are a deeply committed educator and librarian, and my own work has benefited from your expertise, inquisitiveness, scholarship, and collegiality. You have committed yourself whole-heartedly to the college and particularly its students. You're an asset to the college and the profession of librarianship.

Community college librarian

Wow this instructor was amazing. She had all these fun and cool activities and had these comics that related very well with the topic which made every slide more interesting and fun to look at.

Community college student, webinar attendee

The single most thoughtful presentation about assessment in libraries I've heard. Have a LOT to think about, and a lot of ideas for ways in which the library can continue to be an important presence in academia by bringing issues with which it is primarily concerned to the administration.

Librarian, professional development participant

When I got here, I was dreading this presentation. I thought it would be boring and not fun. When she began she grabbed my attention and kept it until the end. She was great at answering all of the questions my classmates had. She was trying real hard to make this presentation fun and she did. She shows charisma on the stage and made a presentation that could have been boring into something great…. I want to thank her for her hard work on making the presentation fun and informative, because she kept my attention for the entire time.

Associate nursing degree student

Once she opened the class, [students] not only paid attention - they were engrossed.  I find no areas of needed improvement, and compliment Ms. Hartman-Caverly for her unique and highly engaging approaches to student learning.

Community college provost, teaching evaluation